Coach of the Month

The Coach of the Month winners are selected through an nomination process, located on the RCBA website. Parents and players are able to nominate their coach if they feel they've done an outstanding job! The coaches selected are often have multiple nominations throughout the RCBA season. The RCBA selects coaches who we feel have gone above and beyond their coaching requirements and have made a positive lasting impact on their players.

RCBA Coach of the Month Winners for the 2019/2020 Season:

Congratulations to all our Coach of the Month winners! To show our appreciation each coach received a gift card to their business of choice!

December- Bree Burgess coach of Grade 4 Girls, Rebels
Bree coached her daughter's grade 4 girls’ team, but she would want everyone to know she had some great coaches assisting her. Bree received multiple nominations from her own team and even a parent from another! She focuses on developing fundamental basketball skills & cheers on both teams when they do well. Bree was respectful to our officials and stood up on their behalf when parents needed a reminder, our referees are learning as well.

January- Derek Grezaud coach of Grade 4 Girls, Flash
Derek coached his daughter’s grade 4 team. Parents on his team were very quick to highlight his infectiously positive attitude and strong leadership. He created a fun atmosphere, where his players wanted to learn & better their basketball skills! Derek also took time out of his own schedule to take his team to Cougar & club team games, so his players could watch and learn about the game in a different way!

February- Craig Perrault coach of Grade 3 Girls, Mustangs & Grade 5 Boys, Ramblers
Craig coached his daughter’s grade 3 team & his son’s grade 5 team with help from his wife, Roberta! After a quick conversation with Craig, it is easy to understand he has a large passion for basketball. His positive nature & encouragement bring out the best in each player on his teams. Not only did he coach multiple teams in the RCBA, but his 3 on 3 Winter Classic team showed tremendous growth, after only a 2 day tournament!

March- Keegan Wallace coach of Grade 7&8 Boys Pool 2, Thunder
Keegan coached a Grade 7&8 boys team. He doesn’t coach a specific player, but he is extremely likeable, relatable, and is an excellent mentor & role model for his players. Whether his team was leading or trailing during a large point spread, Keegan maintained a positive attitude and tried to use it as a teachable moment. He was focused on developing his team equally. His team even had a game where each player scored a basket (which can be difficult task in our older divisions!)

Previous RCBA Coach of the Month Winners:

2018/2019 Season:
January- Krista Sali
February- Jason Pelzer
March- Erin Thomsen

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