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RCBA's new player clinics are giving kids in grades 5-8, new to basketball, a chance to learn the fundamentals skills before the start of the season. Clincs are based around teaching these skills in a fun environment led by an experienced basketball coach. They will explain each drill and the kids will be sent to a basket with one of our volunteer coaches. Our head coach will then move around the gym to help players and coaches.

These clincs will be a great hands-on learning opportunity for anyone new to coaching or new to the sport. New coaches can gain experience teaching young athletes eager to learn while recieving valuable guidance.


The purpose of the mentor program is to provide support to new coaches or coaches requesting mentorship. 
A mentor coach can: 

  • Help with understanding the league made practice plans and drills Meet with the coach prior to their first practice to ensure the coach understands the drills and the teaching points for each drill. 
  • Attend practice(s) to help with drills and provide feedback to the coach.  (Grade 1 & 2 only have practices they are scheduled on Saturdays.) 
  • Attend practice(s) to observe and provide feedback.   
  • Attend a game to provide feedback at half time and after the game (grade 4 – 8 only).   
  • For Grade 3 coaches there is a master coach at their games.  Therefore, there is no need to attend but the mentor coach may contact the master coach if they want the master coach to help with something particular. 

    After a few weeks the mentor coach will follow up to see how the season is going and provide more assistance if required. Mentors will also be available to answer questions that may come about throughout the season. Email the office at if you'd like to put in touch with one of our mentors.
    If you would be interested in becoming a mentor coach, click here for more information. 

    Click here to apply.


Respect in Sport must be completed by all coaches wishing to participate in our league. If you have already completed this certificate, please record this information on your Coach registration & email your certificate number to

All coaches must have their Respect in Sport certification prior to their team's first practice. Please follow the link and complete the course to obtain your certificate as soon as possible:  




Grade 1-4 Coaches
This workshop will give you all of the tools you need to hit the court with confidence as a first-time children’s basketball coach.
Over the course of six hours, this in-class and on-court workshop will help you:
        - understand the level of athlete you are coaching (typically children between the ages of 6-10);
        - equip yourself with the basic tools to plan safe, fun and effective practices;
        - learn how to teach basic basketball skills from a games approach in a fun and inclusive way.

Learn to Train

Grade 5-12 Coaches
This 2.5 day workshop provides an exceptional foundation for your coaching career and introduces new coaching methods that will enhance both your coaching and your program’s effectiveness.
Through a mix of classroom and hands-on learning in the gym, this workshop focuses on:
Developing a strong understanding of Long-term Athlete Development (LTAD) and how it relates to your athletes;
       - How to break down and teach fundamental basketball concepts (including: shooting, loading, dynamic warm-ups, 1-second advantage, spacing, footwork, and error detection/correction)  
       - How to load a basketball skill and drill;   
       - Developing an effective practice plan;  
       - Making Ethical Decisions - a powerful six-step decision-making process for every coach and an NCCP requirement for all sports.


The NCCP offers valuable online training seminars covering numerous subjects related to coaching. We strongly encourage our coaches to visit to further their coaching knowledge.