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Coaching Requirements

To ensure the safety of all our players all coaches (Assistant & Head Coaches) must submit and clear a Criminal Record Check process before the first practice of the season - all documentation is kept confidential by the RCBA office. Criminal Record Checks must be updated every 3 years.

All coaches (Assistant & Head Coaches) must complete a Respect in Sport certification course & submit documentation to the RCBA office before the teams first practice of the season. This certification is a tool designed to assist Coaches in identifying and dealing with bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination in sport.



Kindergarten to Grade 4

Our Kindergarten to Grade 4 programs are zoned by what end of the city the player resides in (North, South or East). In our Kindergarten to Grade 4 programs we draft teams to pair players with other players from the school they attend. Players will register in their zone and have practices and games in their end of the city (please note that players/teams may be moved out of zone if registrations for players and/or coaches is low). The focus of these divisions is to put players with their friends and ensure they have a fun positive experience with basketball.

Grade 5-12

Starting in Grade 5 and up to Grade 12 we are considered a "City Wide" program. This means that we do not draft teams according to what end of the city a player resides in. Grade 5 is also the division in which we begin to evaluate all registered players. We eliminate zoning starting with this age group to help us draft teams based off the evaluation results in order to try and draft teams as fairly as possible. By removing the zoning this allows us to follow the evaluation results as closely as possible. This means that players can end up with a practice facility in any end of Regina. Games will also be scheduled throughout the city. 

Player Placement Requests

Grade 1&2 and High School Division: We do accept player placement requests in these divisions - please include them in your registration form. The RCBA does their best to accomodate all requests.

Grade 3&4: If you have a player placement request please email with why you are making this request. The RCBA cannot guarantee all player requests.

We do not accept player placement requests for boys & girls in Grades 5 to 8. This is to assist in our team drafting process.

To add a player request please email

*All players must register to the correct Grade unless otherwise specified by the RCBA. Any players found to be registered incorrectly will be moved to the correct division if possible, or may be removed from the program.


Kindergarten to Grade 4

Teams in our Kindergarten to Grade 4 program are drafted by zone of the city, and pairing players with other players from the school they attend (if possible). Player placement requests are considered in these divisions and will be accommodated when possible.The RCBA may have to move players/teams out of zone based on registration and coach numbers.

Grade 5-8

Teams in the Grade 5-8 program are drafted based off of the evaluation results. Player placement requests are not accepted between Grades 5 and 8 in order to allow us to draft based off the evaluation results as best we can. 


Teams are drafted based on an evaluation process. Independent evaluators will assess the skill level of each player at an evaluation day.  Skills that are evaluated include: layups, shooting, ball handling, height, 2 on 2, and 5 on 5.

*These evaluations are to find out each players skill level and are not tryouts. ALL PLAYERS MAKE A TEAM REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY EVALUATE.

Coach Pairings

Kindergarten to Grade 4

Coaches in our Kindergarten to Grade 4 program can sign up to coach with anyone they would like. We do not have any restrictions in these divisions as teams are drafted by zone, and player placement requests are accepted in these divisions.

Grade 5-8

Anyone signing up to Head Coach in our Grade 5-8 division is eligible to select one assistant coach. We do not allow more than 1 Head Coach and 1 Assistant coach to request to coach together. Coach pairings are tentatively accepted until player evaluations are complete. At that time we will assess where the coaches child evaluates to, as long as pairing the two individuals together to coach would not create a "stacked" team by having there children play together we will allow it. If coaches players evaluate to the same draft round they would not be eligible to coach together. 

Nights of Availability

The RCBA allows our players to select days they are unavailable to practice during the registration process. As a Community oriented program we work around player availability to help give everyone a chance to participate in our program. We do have a few requirements around days you are able to select as unavailable:

- Our Jr. Cougar, and Jr. NBA program runs on Saturdays, all players in these divisions must have Saturday listed as available

- Players in Grades 3-6 also must be available on Saturday for games (teams in Grades 3-6 will never have a practice on Saturday as it is game day) 

- Players in Grades 3-12 must have a minimum of two practice nights available 

- Boys in Grade 9, and 10-12 must be available for games on Sundays

- Grade 9 & 10 girls must be available on Sundays 

- If any player registers with only one practice night listed as available the RCBA will not be able to guarantee that player gets placed on a team that practices on that night

If you have questions around availability for our program please give the RCBA office a call at 306-584-3222 or email