Coach of the Year

2019/2020 Coach of the Year: Mike Chase

Mike Chase was selected as our 3rd Coach of the Year award winner!

Mike first became involved with the RCBA in the early 90’s, when he was freshly out of high school. His coaching endeavors took him elsewhere, however, he has recently returned for the past 6 years to the RCBA to coach his sons, Ben & Jonah.

As a player with a deep passion for basketball, Mike wanted to stay engaged with the sport he loved after his organized playing career was over – coaching seemed to be the perfect transition. Being a coach is important to Mike because he feels like it reals our character and when facing challenges, can shape who we are. This is not only his personal mantra, but he instills this outlook onto his players – he wants to see his players develop as people and teammates. To ensure this, he teaches his players about their mindset, attitude, and effort as they work together. Just as Mike has to overcome challenges as a coach, he loves seeing his players overcome obstacles and learning new skills.

Mike’s philosophy and coaching approach made him stand out as a coach this season. He truly believes that basketball is bigger than winning and losing – he genuinely wants to teach his players and give them the tools to grow into skilled athletes, but great people as well.

Thank you to Mike for his time, dedication, and for bringing his love of the game to the RCBA!














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